VPN Services For Your PS4

There are now several dozen providers of such PS4 VPN services on the market (compare them at vpnps4.com). Depending on the size of the company, they operate 20 or several thousand VPN gateways worldwide. Some marketers like to claim that their company is the only service that operates its own server, offers access to all streaming services or simply the largest, best, fastest, most popular provider on the market.

Since this is always claimed by several of them, one can hardly take this seriously. First, we compare more than 20 of the most important VPN services in an overview. In a second step, we will take a closer look at individual providers.

The information provided by companies on the key data is often incomplete and seldom clearly arranged in an easily locatable place. To give you an overview, we have summarized important information in a table. Almost all of them state that they would not log any user data and therefore could not even hand them out to authorities and cautioners.

Some restrict this again by admitting that they must comply with the legal provisions of the country in which they reside. Companies based in Germany emphasize this in order to emphasize how important data protection is to them.

Introductory offers

Many VPN services offer a free version or a limited trial offer with a money-back guarantee. The free variants are usually subject to considerable restrictions. The data volume is often limited to 50 to 500 MB per day. This hardly allows potential new customers to get a meaningful picture of the performance of a VPN service. That’s probably why many providers prefer a time-limited money-back guarantee. The free services are only suitable for low data-intensive purposes in the long run. They often offer no or only a greatly reduced selection of international gateways.

To use a service without bandwidth and data volume restrictions, you need to take money in your hand. Annual subscriptions are often cheaper than monthly billing. Some providers charge in US dollars, but most of them in euros. You can pay with credit card or Paypal, sometimes other payment options are also offered, such as direct debit, Giropay or Bitcoin.

VPN software

To use a VPN service, you usually need to install its VPN software. These are mostly available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Some companies also support Linux or routers running OpenWRT open source firmware. Relatively new are extensions for the browsers Chrome and Firefox, which restrict VPN use to the browser. Some companies have taught their software to function in a different way and call this „split tunneling“ or similar. Practically all companies offer instructions for installing and configuring the software, but many only in English.

We have not listed some special solutions, as they only cover part of the functionality. For example, the Tor network is a very good tool for maintaining privacy, but is not suitable for data-intensive applications such as video streaming. The VPN service integrated in Opera is naturally limited to this browser. Both solutions are free of charge.

VPN Services: Our Favorites

  • According to the companies, NordVPN currently has the most servers, HideMyAss and PureVPN offer the largest selection of countries.
  • Kaspersky and Private Tunnel/OpenVPN are the cheapest providers in this overview.
  • If you prefer not only the price offer but also manuals in German, you will find them at Avira, Shellfire, Steganos and VyprVPN, for example.