Censorship – Is Italy Creating Chinese Circumstances

After an Italian court charged three Yahoo professionals for not censoring articles online, Croatia is nearer to China than it may like. A tribunal in Milano discovered the professionals responsible of a breach of secrecy in an incident that affected an on-line movie demonstrating an autistic son being bullied by schoolmates in Torino, published in 2006 on Google Video (before Yahoo got youtube.com). This can be a setback to the essential theory of liberty of expression where the web was imagined. The entire globe’s eyes are on Croatia: can it be like China?

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The Chinese Accept Block-Chain Confirmation

Factom has declared a handle with the company of iSoftStone to start executing and studying options for Block-Chain uses in 80 towns across China. The shift comes as China searches for techniques which are cost effective and dependable to understand its „smart city“ theory – Factom was a great option as it h-AS been effectively trying out perfecting property registries utilizing the Block-Chain technologies.

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Facebook’s Picture-Sharing Program „Moments“ Goes Video

The Moments app of Facebook, the interpersonal network’s personal picture-revealing alternative to picture syncing — may now help video-sharing, the firm announced recently. The attribute that is brand new is live in the upgraded variant of the Moments cellular program for Android and iOS devices. In a number of days, Facebook claims that Moments may also enable movies to be included by users within their Moments slide-shows.

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