Regulation of online gambling in Germany?

Some passionate lucky and poker players may not have believed in it anymore: But it seems there is movement in the regulation of online gambling. Is it true that there will soon be German online casinos? Will players no longer have to move around in the grey zone or see the message „Only for people with permanent residence in Schleswig-Holstein“ in TV commercials?

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Bitcoin market capitalisation to outperform gold in 2028

Among crypto fans and crypto opponents it is discussed again and again whether the Bitcoin is better than gold. But while one can argue excellently about whether the Cyberdevise is suitable as a safe haven or value store, at least one thing cannot be argued away: At the moment, gold is much more valuable than Bitcoin – at least if you take a look at its market capitalisation.

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VPN Apps: Overcome Country Blocks – and Stream US Content

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is anything but its new technology – but many users still know too little about it. It has become very popular amongst expats. But there are many providers and pitfalls around Virtual Private Networks. We show you what you need to know about the topic and why you need VPN apps, even if you are not a serial junkie.

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VPN Services For Your PS4

There are now several dozen providers of such PS4 VPN services on the market (compare them at Depending on the size of the company, they operate 20 or several thousand VPN gateways worldwide. Some marketers like to claim that their company is the only service that operates its own server, offers access to all streaming services or simply the largest, best, fastest, most popular provider on the market.

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Typical Issues With Cheap Hosting Providers

I understand. Quality services usually don’t come with the phrase affordable. Before you say that all low-cost hosting isn’t worth it, you must realize that these firms are running a business for cash at the same time. You will see disadvantages and problems when you move economical No question about it.

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Getting American Netflix In The UK Using A VPN

If youre in the UK and you also love seeing movies and television series, you most likely want to utilize Netflix as well. And just why not? Its among the greatest buffering solutions it is possible to get, partially because it provides you with a tremendous selection of articles for quite a reasonable monthly payment. But do you realize you can decide from an even larger selection of articles?

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View ITV Player Outside UK From Abroad

Being English or having resided in Uk for an amazing quantity of time you begun to understand how inserted in to lifestyle is the English Television. The ITV or ITV Center as their internet service is today recognized as, gives viewers an abundance of outstanding Television applications from opera including Coronation Street to dramas like Downton Abbey.

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Proposed Brazilian Law Could Raise Web Censorship

A study was recently launched by the Brazilian Commission of Inquiry (CPI) involving Web-related charges. Within the report are suggestions for laws regulating computer crime, including seven charges. These guidelines are increasing important issue and protest from privacy activists all over the world.

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Infringements of Consumer Rights In Turkey

While social media in the internet have gained visibility as a tool for activism and criticism of the authorities, lawsuits against Facebook and Twitter customers have increased. Prison terms are uncommon, but the continuous authorized bullying has a chilling effect on free speech on the web. Surveil remains a vital problem amid the fallout from high level corruption scandals and intelligence leaks in 2013 and 2014, and leakages from middle-2015 disclosed that the private authorities directorate have malware products in the German firm Coughing Group. On a good note, there have been fewer cases of physical assaults against resident correspondents addressing protests, even though on-line nuisance has continued.

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